The Best Alternatives to Driving

A personal list of the best alternatives to driving
I'm just going to go over something that has probably been covered elsewhere a lot, but I'm going to go over some of the best alternatives to driving. It is a little bit of common sense, but these are tried and true methods. They lower pollution, your carbon footprint and some even give you spare time to do other things while you're along for the ride! Without any further ado, lets hop right into this topic!

The first method I'm going to mention works perfectly for big cities and is easily one of my favorites. Taking the bus easily one of the best alternatives to driving and it gives you plenty of free time during the trip. I personally use this since it's available in my area and it takes me everywhere I need to go. I also write most of my articles on the bus too since it gives me that spare time. There's plenty of ways to check if your area has public transportation or you might have already seen the buses…

The Best Foods For Leftovers

In this article I'm going to go over some of the best foods for leftovers since leftovers are a perfect solution for letting food waste. This article is just my personal opinions for foods so it isn't anything official. I am a huge eater so that's a little more credibility to my words if anything. Without further ado, lets hop right into the best foods for leftovers.

The top of my list would have to be spaghetti made with sausage instead of ground beef. You can cook the noodles in a huge batch and then the sauce separately and store them separately. They come out perfectly when you microwave them together in a plastic container like those Glad containers. I’ve used this several times for meals for work and just supplemented this dish with some cookies and a cup of ramen. Like I’ve said before I eat A LOT in most cases and it’s a bit of a problem of mine.

As for another dish that is one of the best foods for leftovers, I would say that Beef stew would be right up on the l…

The Three Best Items For Your Compost

There's a number of different items that can be recycled or turned into compost. There's also a number of items that can make your compost just as good as Miracle Grow if not better than any gardening assets you'll find. I'll just be going over the three best things to include to include in your garden compost in this article. Some might be common things you've heard of while others are a little unknown. So let’s jump into this little mess of words and knowledge!
The first thing that I would suggest putting into your compost instead of your garbage disposal would be egg shells since these give your soil a lot of calcium and other hearty nutrients like omega oils! It’s been a common thing that putting egg shells into your garbage disposal will sharpen the blades, but that is just a lie to put your egg shells somewhere that doesn’t stink so bad. This is just the first of the three items for your compost that will make it better than Miracle Grow, so let’s move on to…

The Three Best Methods I've Found to Lower Water on your Lawn!

The Three Best Methods I've Found to Lower Water on your Lawn! There's a slew of methods you can use to cut down on your carbon footprint. There is one that most people never think of however. It even has a few different routes to take to lower the carbon footprint you leave behind as well.

Your yard being watered is what I’m referring to, and all the grass trimmings you leave behind from a well maintained yard is carbon-based. Let me describe some of the different approaches for a green lawn there are.

The first of these is actually changing what your lawn is. Instead of having grass you can actually have it be low maintenance moss. This cuts out the time you have to mow the lawn and lets your lawn mower become the next big item in your yard sale!

This is something that was started in Arizona to be honest but in the last few years it has become surprisingly big as a trend. It’s a great way to save money and to cut back on your carbon footprint for those that are earth-minded…

Cocoon Cam Baby Breathing Monitor Review

Cocoon Cam Baby Breathing Monitor Review Sorry that the blogs have been falling behind and there hasn't been one in a while. Here's a review from a co-worker of mine and her thoughts on the Cocoon Cam!

There’s one thing that every mother worries about all night, is their baby alright and breathing just fine? I personally have worried about that a lot with my children and new my daughter would love having some piece-of-mind when it came to her baby.

That’s why I chose to get the Cocoon Cam Baby Breathing monitor. It just connected to her phone and got her hospital-level breathing monitoring with instant alerts! In all honesty, I wish I had this kind of stuff when my kids were growing up but that’s how life is nowadays.

This breathing monitor also gets you sleep analytics and has been tested in hospital NICUs including Stanford University and UC San Diego. It’s one of the most advanced baby cams I’ve ever seen and totally worth it to sleep soundly, or semi-soundly every night.

Like Aquaman, it’s wave power!

Like Aquaman, it’s wave power!
I apologize for not having an article yesterday, but here’s something worth noting for certain to make up for it! There’s been a new type of energy generator out on the market and it is spectacular. It literally uses the motions in bodies of water to power it’s generators. The ‘wave power’ is something that has been in the makings for a while, and by a while I mean 1890 was when the first attempt was made. The first experimental wave farm was opened in Portugal in 2008 and gets most of its power from the daytime tidal power by the arms connected to it’s floats turning the generators to create power.
The wave heights are determined by the winds passing over the ocean, but the bigger the wave, the more the power that is created from these generators that is purely green energy. These are still experimental to say the least but they are looking more and more promising every revision they go through. I hope you find this article interesting to say the least…

Photovoltaic Power Stations or More Commonly, Solar Farms

Photovoltaic Power Stations or More Commonly, Solar Farms
There's something I really want to go over, and this in particular is about solar farms and their utility in our modern world. I'm going to start with the numbers first, then I'll explain them in laymen terms. With Photovoltaic power stations it costs about $1.8 billion to produce a plant that competes with common power plants. The typical coal power plant costs $1.5 billion without any environmental protections like capturing the carbon produced. It cost $2.6 billion for the coal plants that "carbon capture and storage", then it's $482 million for a natural gas power plant. The fossil fuel plants are definitely less expensive to say the least about them.
The problem with them is that they are using limited resources and they are major producers of pollution. The ‘solar panel farms’ are a facility that takes a good amount of money, but they are using a resource that is unlimited and they are producin…